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Click on the following Links to go the named site


Spin Wheels Main Site

This Link takes you to the Spin Wheels Information site for upcoming events and results.


Spin Wheels Results section

This takes you to the Archive results since 2008



The club is based in Ardres, France. It was formed in 1992 and has grown to now have 115 members. It has a very full program of events, with perhaps the Carre de Vallee rides being one of the most popular.


Cycling Time Trials National Site

This takes you to the Main site of Time Trial governing body and contains all information regarding Rules, Results, Events and General information.


Cycling Time Trials South East District Council Site

This takes you to the local website of Cycling Time Trials


Cycling UK (Cyclists’ Touring Club [CTC])

Everything you need for cycling. Maps, bikes, insurance & much more.


British Cycling

This takes you to the Governing Body for Road Racing, Sportives etc.


Kent Cycling Association (KCA)

The Kent Cycling Association is a group of cycling clubs based in or adjacent to the County of Kent in England.


Audax UK

Audax United Kingdom is the foremost long-distance cycling association in the UK. They oversee the running of long-distance cycling events, and, using a system of timed checkpoints, validate and record every successful ride.


Tenterden Cycle Club

The main emphasis of the club is on SOCIAL cycling, rather than seeing who is the fastest on a particular ride, or up a particular hill.