Rides in France 2020

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We are grateful to Michael Coulter (Gravesend CC) for his continued support and taking the trouble to compile the following list:-


The bracketed letter after a place name indicates the nearest large town.  A + indicates slightly further than the main town.  I work on the rough calculation that Boulogne (B) is approximately 20 miles from the Channel Tunnel , Le Touquet (LT) 35m, St Omer (SO) 30m and Calais (C) 5 miles.  Some events have specific MTB (VTT) routes also.

Date Event name Start Distances
April 10 Rand Marquisienne Marquise (B) 25/50/80k
19 Rand des 4 Saisons Le Touquet 30/60/90k
26 Calquella et Cyclopale Coquelles (C) 60/100/145+VTTs
May 1 Randonee de la Biche Samer (B) 30/60/90k
3 Sur les traces de Napoleon Le Portel (B) 50/90/150k
37th Rand St Michel Roquetoire (SO+) 50/75/100
8 Rand de Lyderic Aire sur la Lys (SO+) 40/65/80/+VTTs
Chateau & Abbayes Montreuil (LT) 50
10 Rand des 2 Caps St Martin (B) 50/80/120k
16 La Cote d’Opale Le Portel (B) 95/150k
17 La Ronde Verte Marck (C) 30/65/95k
24 La Cycl’isques Isques (B) 45/95/145k
Carre de Vallees Ardres (C) 60/100/140k
June 7 Rand de la Baie de St Jean Wimereux (B) 30/74/100k
Rand Samer-Le Crotoy Samer (B) 95/145k
14 Rand des 6 Bourgeois Calais 50/74/112k
21 Rand de Solidarite Le Portel (B) 50/80k
28 La Cambresienne (twinned with Gravesend/Gravesend CC) Cambrai (St O++++) 30/60/90
Balade Etaploise Etaples (Le T) 30/60/90k
Les Coteaux de la Hem Zutkerque (C+) 38/75/100k
July 7 La Ronde des Clochers Hazebrouck (SO+)  30-85k+VTTs
Rand de la Mouette Neuf-Hardelot (B) 30/60/80k
14 A la source de la Lys Merville (SO+) 60/80/100k+VTTs
19 Rand de la Moule Wimereux (B) 50/75k
26 Rand Estivale Le Portel (B) 50/70/100k
Aug 1 Rand de l’Oree du Bois Rang du Fliers (LT+) 50/90k+VTTs
Sept 1 La route Cap Gris-Nez St Omer (StO) 50 up to150k+VTTs
13 La route du Portel-Bonngues Le Portel (B) 30/80k
19 Rand des As Isbergues (SO+) 56/66/90/100k
20 Balade Automnale St Martin Boulogne  (B) 60k
Oct 4 Rand des Remparts Gravelines (D/kq) 55/85k
NB – this listing is only a selection  based on ease of access, the hour’s time difference, registration times and what I have found that works.  For a full listing in the Pas de Calais and Nord departments try the www.ffct.org  or www.cyclotourismeffcthdf.com websites.