Diary February 2019

Saturday 2 February 2019 – VTTA (Kent Group) Annual Dinner

To be held at the Weald of Kent Golf Club. For more details click here


Sunday 17 February 2019 – Hell of the Ashdown



Tuesday 19 February 2019 – Event Closing Date

Closing date for the Kent CA 2-up TTT (03/03/2019)


Wednesday 20 February 2019 – Wye Wednesday Audax



Saturday 23 February 2019 – Mad Jack’s Audax



Saturday 23rd February 2019 – Gravesend CC Cycle Jumble Sale.

The Gravesend CC are holding a Cycle Jumble Sale at Southfleet Village Hall, 0900 – 1200 for the public (open for sellers at 8am).

Admission – normal £1, ‘Early Bird’  £3.

Single table inside (table provided) £10; single pitch outside £7;  double pitch outside £10.

Refreshments available and off road parking if weather amenable.

Contact Roger Stevens 01474 745884 or steverog8@live.co.uk


Rides in France 2019

We are grateful to Michael Coulter (Gravesend CC) for his continued support and taking the trouble to compile the following list:-

The bracketed letter after a place name indicates the nearest large town.  A + indicates slightly further than the main town.  I work on the rough calculation that Boulogne (B) is approximately 20 miles from the Channel Tunnel , Le Touquet (LT) 35m, St Omer (SO) 30m and Calais (C) 5 miles.  Some events have specific MTB (VTT) routes also.
Month Date Event name Start Distances
April 7 Rand Anserienne Oye Plage (C+) 30/65/80k
Rand du Laonnois Crepy (LT) 45/65/85k
Rand d’Equihen Equihen plage (B) 30/55/80k
14 Rand Marquisienne Marquise (B) 25/50/80k
21 Rand des 4 Saisons Le Touquet 30/60/90k
Calquella et Cyclopale Coquelles (C) 60/100/145+VTTs
28 Balde St Martinoise St Martin Boul (B) 40/75/110k
May 1 Randonee de la Biche Samer (B) 30/60/90k
5 Sur les traces de Napoleon Le Portel (B) 50/90/150k
8 Rand de Lyderic Aire sur la Lys (SO+) 47/67/81/+VTTs
12 Rand des 2 Caps St Martin (B) 50/80/120k
19 La Cycl’isques Isques (B) 45/75/95k
La Ronde Verte Marck (C) 30/60/90k
June 2 Carre de Valle Ardres (C) 25/60/100/140
9 Rand de la Baie de St Jean Wimereux (B) 30/74/100k
16 Rand de Solidarite Le Portel (B) 50/80k
Rand des Monts d’Artois Isbergues (SO+) 37/65/90k
22 Rand Samer-Le Crotoy Samer (B) 95/145k
23 Rand des 6 Bourgeois Calais 45/66/104
30 La Cambresienne Cambrai (St O++++) 30/60/90
(twinned with Gravesend/Gravesend CC)
Balade Etaploise Etaples (Le T) 30/60/90k
Les Coteaux de la Hem Zutkerque (C+) 60/80/120k
July 7 La Ronde des Clochers Hazebrouck (SO+) 30-85k+VTTs
Rand de la Mouette Neuf-Hardelot (B) 30/60/80k
14 Brevet des Estivants Cucq (LT) 30/60/90k+VTTS
A la source de la Lys Merville (SO+) 60/80/100k+VTTs
22 Rand de la Moule Wimereux (B) 42/74k
28 Rand Estivale Le Portel (B) 50/70/100k
Aug 11 Brevet des Monts Cucq (LT+) 30/60/90k+VTTs
18 Rand de l’Oree du Bois Rang du Fliers  (LT+) 50/90k+VTTs
25 Route du Portel-Bonningues (B) 30/80k
Sept 1 La route Cap Gris-Nez St Omer (StO) 50 up to150k+VTTs
7 La Cote d’Opale & 7 Vallees (B) 95/150k
21 Rand des As Isbergues (SO+) 58/70/90/120k
Oct 6 Rand des Remparts Gravelines (D/kq) 55/85k
NB – this listing is only a selection  based on ease of access, the hour’s time difference, registration times and what I have found that works.  For a full listing in the Pas de Calais and Nord departments try the www.ffct.org  or www.cyclotourismeffcthdf.com websites.


Ride with Les Amis Cyclos de L’ardresis

Friday 21 September 2018

Whilst on holiday in Northern France two members from the club, Alyson Nye and Bob Burden were invited by Les Amis Cyclos de L’ardresis to join them on a club ride from their headquarters at Le Vivier, Bois-en-Ardres.

The day was extremely breezy with winds up to force 8 or 9, and it was a great feeling when the riders from the local club arrived despite the inclement weather. Jean informed us that on this ride we would only speak in French, he soon realised that it would be a very quiet ride as in 42 years of regularly visiting the area I have still only learnt “two beers please”, “the same again” and “the bill please”. Having allowed us to speak English it was great for Bob to discover that Jean had also spent much of his working life on the railway and how involved he had been in the Eurostar services.

Ghislain suggested a ride to Sangette and led us there on a very pretty and quiet route via Les Attaques, Frethun, Coquelles. We had tried to warn them that we were the two slowest riders in the club, and they all accepted this and were very patient with us both, with Marcel and Ghislain battling the wind and giving us a wheel all day.  The local knowledge passed on to us was exceptional, including visiting the entrance to the channel tunnel and the machine that dug it out. One of the highlights for us was riding a new stretch of costal defence that has a cycle way along it. Then there was the most welcome break along the seafront at Calais for coffee or beer.

From there the route took us via the Calais town hall and the statue of The Burghers of Calais, where Jean allowed us to stop for a photo call, before heading back via Coulogne, Nielles-les-Ardres, Louches to the Cafe De La Mairie in Tournehem-su-la-hem, where both Mrs Morreels and Mrs Thorez were waiting patiently for us (we did warn that we were slow) to arrive for a first class meal served to us by Nicole.

Marcel decided to take us the “short route” back via Zuterque and Nortkerque to all finish the day with a final drink at Le Vivier and a last chat before departing our separate ways.

This was an excellent day’s ride of just over 52 miles covering many roads that were new to us, with great company both on the ride and at the meal, good riding, and plenty of laughing. What a great day.

Pictures courtesy of Jean Nivoit