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Le Carré de Vallées 2019

Diary – July 2019

Tuesday 2 July 2019 – Event Closing Date Closing date for the VTTA (Kent Group) 50 (14/07/2019) . Friday 5 to Sunday 7 July 2019 – Goatham’s Great Kent Cycle Ride For details click here. , Saturday 6 July 2019 – Kent CA 10 & National Youth Championships 10 To be held on the Q10/42 […]

Rides in France 2019

We are grateful to Michael Coulter (Gravesend CC) for his continued support and taking the trouble to compile the following list:- FRANCE 2019 The bracketed letter after a place name indicates the nearest large town.  A + indicates slightly further than the main town.  I work on the rough calculation that Boulogne (B) is approximately […]